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Ways To Prevent Hearth Attack

Heart attack.Men have a greater risk of heart attack at a younger age than women. But the risk increases for women as they near menopause and, eventually, surpasses that of men.You probably can decrease your risk of heart attack by changing your lifestyle in the following areas:

1 - Keep tabs on your cholesterol levels

To control your cholesterol, avoid saturated fat, eat fewer calories, and try to eat foods rich in fiber, such as vegetables and fruits.

2 - Ask your doctor about aspirin

Daily intake of aspirin may reduce your risk of heart attack by thinning your blood and preventing clots from forming. However, you should talk with your doctor before doing so because aspirin is not safe for everyone.

3 - Drink moderately

Studies show that one drink a day (12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of liquor) may have a protective effect on your heart. However, the effects are more beneficial if you are middle-aged or older and have suffered a heart attack or stroke or already have cardiovascular disease.

4 - Exercise

Regular exercise is good for you because it helps reduce stress, cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and excess weight, and it can make your heart stronger, leading to a lower pulse rate.

5 - Relax

Because stress is such a factor in heart disease, eliminating or decreasing it can do wonders for your cardiovascular health.

6 - Control your blood pressure

Your heart has to work harder to push blood through your body when your blood pressure is high. This causes your heart to enlarge and can speed up atherosclerosis. Fortunately, by reducing your diastolic blood pressure by only 2mm Hg (millimeters per mercury), you can decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke.

7 - Stop smoking

Smoking is harmful to your cardiovascular health. Smoking also clogs your arteries and in the process, raises the blood pressure in those clogged arteries. This condition helps to double the heart attack risk for smokers compared with non-smokers.To know how to stop from smoking,you can make revision in my previous posting.

Prevent Yourself From Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that strikes more and more people every year, and the increase seems to only continue.There is some thought that diabetes is genetic and that we may be born with a tendency for this disease.Here are some simple ways to allow you to avoid or delay this disease.

1 - Eat healthy and wisely. You can make it look like more by using a smaller plate or a salad plate. Avoid snacking while you are cooking.Eat breakfast every day, and make your meal and snack times regular by having them at the same time each day.

2 - Limit your meat, poultry, and fish intake to no more than three ounces a day.Another good tip is to listen to music instead of watching TV while you are eating. If you are watching TV while you are eating, you are not aware of how much you are eating and will almost always overeat.

3 - Use low-salt broth instead of oil and butter.

4 - Drinking a full glass of water before eating will also help reduce your appetite.

5 - If you are like to eating at a fast-food restaurant, choose the healthier foods, such as grilled chicken, salads and fruits.

6 - Increase your exercise. Next to diet, exercise is vital to a healthy body especially for diabetics. Taking walks is a nice way to keep up with your friends and an enjoyable, healthy way to take a break from work related stress. If possible, avoid the elevator and take the stairs as much as you can.

There is many ways to prevent diabetes but all that ways cannot help you if you are not help yourself..No healthy,No everything..

Tips For Stop From Smoking

There is few tips for you who are smoking...Hope it can help you to stop from SMOKING forever and ever..

Here are a few tips:

1. Your mind set is an essential key and one of the most important factors to giving up smoking. So many people try to give up, but they do not start with the right mind set. They have good intentions, but in the back of their head still lingers the thought that they really don't want to give up and sooner or later they will start smoking again. These thoughts in the back of your head will soon push themselves to the forefront of your thinking when you initially give up, making your life without cigarettes a short term experience.Remember it,no one can change you...only you can change yourself.

2. Set a date you will quit smoking. In the run up to your quitting date, change a few of your smoking routines: Switch to a brand of cigarettes you don't like, identify the times that you habitually have a cigarette (with a cup of coffee, after a meal etc) and try to slowly find other things to do instead of having a cigarette to try and break this habit.

3. When you reach you quitting date then get rid of all smoking paraphernalia from your home and workplace and where ever else you usually smoke. Throw and remaining cigarettes away, get rid of any ash trays and lighters, anything that will either remind you about smoking or tempt you into having a sneaky puff.

4. Change your usual routines, such as where you sit to eat breakfast. Many of the cigarettes that you smoke during the day are done routinely, so if you can develop a new routine without including having a cigarette this will make things a lot easier for you.

5. Always carry something with you that you can put in your mouth when you feel you want a smoke, something like a candy or chewing gum.But dont eat candy in oftenly,risk to get diabetes is become higher than before..hehe

6. Write down all the benefits you will get from stopping smoking such as Reduced risk of heart attack, cancer, and stroke, Feeling more in control of your life, Better smelling hair, breath, clothes, house,and other. Keep this list on you at all times and read it every day.

7. Reward yourself for not smoking. Put some of the money aside that you would normally have spent on cigarettes and then treat yourself to a new item of clothing or go out for a meal. Or you can donate your money to me..hehe

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